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Elisa goes into Multilingual Mode
Elisa - Your ChatGPT-powered Enterprise bot, can understand 40 languages apart from English.
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Elisa is a ChatGPT powered assistant that understands your organization’s internal context by training on your organization specific information like:

FAQs, articles, product documentation

Website content, blogs, youtube videos, community channels

Other internal sources for knowledge sharing/query resolution

How can people use ChatGPT powered enterprise assistants?

Interactive FAQ and Customer Service

Finding answers to user’s queries - either as a co-pilot to internal teams or as a direct customer-facing bot.
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Elisa offers a versatile solution for Interactive FAQ and Customer Service applications, enhancing the customer experience and streamlining support processes. It efficiently handles routine inquiries such as product and process information, transaction details, account management etc, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex issues. It provides instant responses 24/7, ensuring round-the-clock availability to assist customers from different time zones.

Chat GPT-powered assistants like Elisa enhances team efficiency, information accessibility, service personalization, and data-driven process improvements.

Internal Knowledge Management

Helping internal teams understand business-critical processes and answering queries in real time.
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Elisa revolutionizes how organizations access, disseminate, and utilize their wealth of information. It can provide real-time answers to employees' questions, helping them quickly locate crucial company policies, procedures, and documentation. It can even assist in onboarding and training processes by delivering consistent, standardized information to new hires, thereby reducing the time and effort required for employee training.

Chat GPT-powered assistants, like Elisa, leads to enhanced efficiency, better information access, and improved collaboration within an organization.

Sales Lead Management

Handling online customer interactions in a human-like manner and identifying hot leads.
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Elisa can manage online customer interactions and engage with website visitors, promptly responding to inquiries and capturing essential lead information. This ensures that potential leads are engaged immediately, increasing sales conversions. Elisa qualifies leads by asking relevant questions and assessing their level of interest, enabling sales teams to prioritize follow-up efforts effectively.

Elisa revolutionizes Sales Lead Management by automating processes, increasing lead engagement, and providing actionable data for more effective sales efforts.

Sales Team Assistant

Guiding sales teams on relevant products and processes, creating impactful sales pitches.
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Elisa serves as an indispensable Sales Team Assistant, streamlining sales operations and boosting productivity. It provides field sales teams with real-time access to product information, internal processes, pricing / inventory details and other sales related queries. It can automatically create contextually relevant high impact specific sales pitches for your clients. This frees up sales professionals' valuable time to focus on high-value activities like lead nurturing and closing deals.

Elisa, as a Sales Team Assistant, enhances sales efficiency and provides valuable sales insights for the management.

Document Analysis

Instant interpretation, summarization, and querying on long documents, with continuous learning.
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Elisa simplifies the process of extracting insights and relevant information from a wide range of documents. This bot can assist sales teams, researchers and analysts by summarizing lengthy documents, providing concise overviews, and highlighting key points, facilitating rapid understanding of complex materials. It helps in information retrieval by answering specific questions about documents, allowing users to quickly locate crucial data or references within a large corpus of information.

Elisa enhances productivity, data extraction, and knowledge management by harnessing the power of natural language understanding and processing.

Team Onboarding

Provide information to new hires about company policies, training opportunities, and more for a smooth onboarding experience.
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Elisa can streamline and expedite the new hire onboarding process. It can provide immediate responses to onboarding questions, ensuring new team members have quick access to essential information about company policies, procedures, training and development opportunities and other related information. It can guide newcomers through the necessary paperwork, simplifying the administrative aspects of onboarding and reducing the burden on HR personnel.

Elisa revolutionizes team onboarding by providing efficiency, personalization, and engagement, ultimately helping organizations onboard and integrate new talent more effectively.

Training and Development

Recommending relevant courses, workshops, and resources to help employees enhance their skills.
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Elisa helps teams to enhance learning experiences and optimize skill development. It serves as a 24/7 virtual assistant, providing immediate answers to learner queries from various resources like the company’s Learning Management Systems, product reference materials, blogs, videos and other resources. It delivers personalized learning recommendations based on an individual's needs and preferences. Elisa’s analytics and dashboards provide management with insights on the training and development needs of their teams.

Elisa elevates Training and Development by offering accessibility, personalization, engagement, and performance analytics, ultimately fostering continuous skill enhancement and professional growth.

Contextual Content Generation

ChatGPT powered Elisa creates sales pitches, marketing collaterals, blogs and related content for your business.
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Elisa creates sales pitches, marketing collaterals, blogs and related content for your business. Elisa brings simplicity to the content creation process by understanding your unique business requirements and generating content that perfectly fits your business context. Elisa’s most remarkable feature is its adaptability. It creates a wide range of content - client specific sales pitches, target-audience focussed marketing content, engaging blog posts to capture your audience's attention and informative articles that share your expertise with the world.

Elisa serves as your writing companion, delivering top-quality content that allows you to shine in the competitive digital landscape.
Unmatched Insights for the Management
Experience HARVie powered by Elisa, on Harvard University's Employment Policy here
Not sure where to start? You can try:
What are your anti bullying policies ?
Tell me about Compensation & Benefits?
What are the training and development opportunities available for employees?
ChatGPT powered enterprise assistants have many advantages over traditional chatbots

Natural Language

ChatGPT models understand complex sentence structures and nuances, making conversations more engaging and meaningful.


ChatGPT models retain information from previous parts of a conversation, resulting in more relevant responses.

Flexibility and

Traditional chatbots work with predefined rules and responses. ChatGPT assistants generate appropriate answers even for queries they haven’t been trained on.


Traditional chatbots require extensive rule-based programming. ChatGPT models learn for respective use cases much faster.

Data Privacy

You own the data

Your data is not used to train our core AI models. Your data is used only to serve you.

You control the data

You choose how long you want your data stored. You can delete all your data from our servers anytime with a click of a button.

You decide your data location

You can decide between server locations in the US, UK, EU and APAC. Your data stays within your regulation compliant region.

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