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How are ChatGPT powered chatbots better than traditional business bots?

We all have dealt with chatbots at one point or another. Businesses use these chatbots to automate customer service, lead generation, information management, and various other purposes. Have you noticed that these bots give answers only to a limited set of questions? Oftentimes we get frustrated with the robotic responses of these traditional chatbots and crave to talk to a human just to get an answer to a simple question.

Real life example of a frustrated Chatbot user



Lets see a real life case scenario where the chatbot could not understand the user’s context, so it gave standard replies that falls within its rigid pre-programmed rules. 


The user wanted to know if his booked flight has in-flight entertainment. This query could have been addressed with a simple answer to an even simpler question, right? But, NO!

The Chatbot, thinking within the box that it is in, gave a completely unrelated response. So the user rephrased the question, expecting a better response. This to-and-fro went on for some time till the frustrated user typed ‘You are useless’ and the chatbot thanked him for that!


A normal conversation where the chatbot just had to tell the user if his flight had in-flight entertainment turned out to be a harrowing experience for the user.

What if this situation had been handled by an intelligent chatbot powered by ChatGPT? A chatbot that can make human-like conversations, understand the user’s context and provide appropriate answers even for queries that it has not been trained on. This is where the ChatGPT powered ET Bot comes into play.

What is ET BOT?

ET Bot is a ChatGPT powered enterprise chatbot that understands your organization’s internal context by training on your organization specific information like,


  • FAQs, articles, product documentation
  • Website content, blogs, youtube videos, community channels
  • CRM systems and other databases 
  • Other internal sources for knowledge sharing / query resolution

It makes use of ChatGPT’s AI-driven natural language processing capabilities to generate human-like conversations and provide contextually relevant responses. 


Impact on Business

Some of the areas where ET Bot impacts a company’s customer experience and sales are: 

  • Customer Service – finding answers to user’s queries (either as a co-pilot to internal teams or as a direct customer facing bot)
  • Internal Knowledge Management – helping internal teams understand business critical processes and answering their queries in real time.
  • Sales Lead Management – handling customer interactions and identifying hot leads

Why ChatGPT?

ChatGPT powered enterprise bots have many advantages over traditional chatbots.


How does it work?


ET Bot uses proprietary algorithms to deploy chatGPT models for your business and provide responses that are relevant to your business and your customers. The infographic below explains the working of the ChatGPT powered ET Bot.


Who do you call for a free consultation?

ET Bot has been conceptualized, designed, and created by a team of data scientists at Eligere Technology Product Studios. Contact us to get the Team, Technology, and Tools to convert your idea into a digital product. All you need to do is provide us with your requirements and we will help create the ET Bot that your company needs.


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Hanfas Backer & Rantej Singh
Hanfas Backer & Rantej Singh